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There was no warning from amazon that the ad was pushing a 20 page pamphlet that aims at a child in grade three in its scope and detail. This week sunni and shia muslims ushered in the islamic new year and the beginning of the holy month of muharram. Why did shia and sunni split after the prophet mohammeds death and who is to be blamed for the split. Narrative history at its most compelling,after the prophetallows readers to grasp the power and depth of the shiasunni split as never before. Based on overwhelming historical facts, the split of the muslim community into shia and sunni occurred immediately. This person is presented as some magical figure, who impressed thousand from his propaganda, made. After the prophet is not a novel, it is narrative history, that is, the story of things that happened and of things that people say happened, told in a highly compelling way. The divide between sunnis and shia is the largest and oldest in the history of islam. Video transcript instructor where we left off in the last video we were in the year 656, and the third caliph, uthman or usman is assassinated, and ali. That is a holy war waged both outside, against infidels, and inside, against personal weaknesses. Though the two main sects within islam, sunni and shia, agree on most of the fundamental beliefs and practices of. The split into sunni and shia divisions of islam can be. See all 9 formats and editions hide other formats and editions.

Shia sunni discussion new pdf documents are added on daily basis. In the first of two programmes explaining the sunnishia divide past and present, tarek osman tells the epic story of how islam split after the death. From the price i expected a 200 to 300 page history of the sunni shia split from the death of hussein to present day. Even as muhammad lay dying, the battle over who would succeed him as the ruler of the muslim people had begun. Shia sunni a truetube ctvc film directed by adam tyler bafta nominated, short educational film exploring the religious differences and commonalities between two sects in islam. The book does an excellent job of going into the history of both groups and exactly what led to the split.

For shias, the month also is a time to mourn the events that sparked the centuriesold schism between shia and sunni muslims. What are some causes and effects of the shiasunni split. In june 2014 large parts of iraq fell to isis insurgents, and shortly after the terrorist groups announced a new khilafa. The sunnishia split in iraq lesson plan for 9th 10th. Understanding the divisions within islam by charles river editors isbn. The general western reader will come away from this book with a newfound respect for the depth and power of the early schism in islam and of what happened at karbala. In terms of the worlds total muslim population, sunnis and shias disagree over what percentage each group owns, with sunnis accounting. Shabir ally addresses the popular, and often misunderstood, topic of why there are two major branches of the islamic faith. The history of the sunni and shia split traces the origins of the split and the historic effects of the main divide within islam. In this world history lesson, students research the factors that contribute to the current schism between the two groups in iraq.

At the heart of syrias bloody civil war is one of the oldest religious divide in history that between sunni and shia muslims. Tensions between sunnis and shias, exploited by regional rivals. Shia, however, believe the caliphate should be descended through muhammeds family. The shia are a minority, comprising between 10 percent and 15 percent of the muslim population certainly fewer than 200 million, all told. Its a complex topic, but ill try my best to give you a quick overview of it. Look at each document and complete the analysis questions below. Young scholars examine the historic shiasunni conflict to assess its presentday status in iraq and determine how it might play out in postwar iraq. Why the myth of sunnishia conflict defines middle east. With the shia, a further incentive for cohesion is their status as a minority. The epic story of the shiasunni split in islam pdf book. That famous myth of abdullah ibn e saba was created by ummayads to fulfill their greedy goals.

The sunni and shia split because after the death of muhammed, muslims couldnt agree on who should lead islam the sunni branch accepted abu bakr because he was agreed to be the best candidate to be caliph. The worlds muslims fall into two major camps, sunni and shia, sometimes likened to christianitys catholics and protestants. And as lesley hazleton shows in her gripping historyafter the prophet, the battle has never ended. A history of the shiitesunni split the division of islam into sunni and shiite branches goes far back in muslim history to the aftermath of the death of the prophet muhammad. You may wonder about the differences between the two groups and why they hold animosity toward one another. Fundamentalist factions of both sunnis and shiites promote terrorism. The epic story of the shiasunni split in islam paperback sept. The split between the two main sects within islam goes back some 1,400 years. The sunni sect believed that the islamic community would choose the next leader where as the shi a believed the next leader would be a descendant or family member of the prophet. It clearer states that the shia doctorine of directing worship to other than. This the sunnishia split in iraq lesson plan is suitable for 9th 10th grade.

Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about the history of the sunnis and shias like never before, in no time at all. Looking at the icon of the book, i expected nothing less. In this episode of the caliph, al jazeera tells the story of the caliphate, looking at the sunni shia divide, and how this split arose from a dispute over who should succeed the prophet muhammad. One side, the shiites, believed that direct descendants of the prophet should take up the mantle of the caliph the leader of the worlds faithful. Combining meticulous research with compelling storytelling, after the prophet explores the volatile intersection of religion and politics, psychology and culture, and history and current events. Parallels the division between islams shiite minority and the sunni majority is deepening across the.

Despite the factions shared beliefs, their differences are great enough to sustain an ongoing sectarian schism. The split into sunni and shi a islam can be traced to the death of the prophet muhammad when it was decided who would become the next leader of the islamic community. Hazleton succeeds in bringing out the truly epic character of the shiasunni split, telling the story with great empathy. The difference between sunni and shia sects of islam are not to the gigantic proportions as most western literature assume. Prepared by emily hawley, research associate after the death of the prophet mohammad in 632 ce, the muslim community diverged over how to select the next leader of the islamic community they had formed on the arabian peninsula. Sectarian conflict is becoming entrenched in a growing number of muslim countries and is threatening to fracture iraq and syria.

You may also consider how best you can pray for them during this time of unrest and war. This week two shia activists in the gulf states have been stripped of their citizenships, sparking claims of discrimination and pointing to growing tensions between sunni and shia. The sunni shia split and conflict early events from islamic history. The schism that led muslims to split into two main denominations, sunni and shia, dates from the 7th century.

New groundbreaking documentary explores the truth behind the sunnishia war narrative in the fight against isis. The origins of the sunnishia split in islam by hussein abdulwaheed amin, editor of introduction the shia shahadah declaration of faith states. Morning edition, february 12, 2007 its not known precisely how many of the worlds 1. Members of the two sects have coexisted for centuries and share many fundamental beliefs and practices. What is the difference between sunni and shiite muslims public education department 2 the oriental institute of the university of chicago. An intependant non muslim channel 4 documentary the quran explaining the difference between sunni islam and shia ism. I know the context in which this question is asked. The split between the two main branches of islam is nearly 1,400 years old, and started with a fight over who should lead the faithful after the prophet muhammads death in 632.

The documentary examines how isis were able to do this and who was involved in making it happen. It is an indispensable guide to the depth and power of the shiasunni split. The split essentially occurred due to disputes over who was the rightful successor to the prophet. The split occurred soon after the death of the prophet muhammad, nearly 1,400 years ago.

The dispute develops into a fundamental rift within the shia community, with a breakaway faction known as ismailis accepting alsadiqs eldest son, ismail, as rightful seventh imam, while the mainstream shias or twelvers accepting his younger son, musa alkazim as successor. Shia usoolaldeen which path should you follow did allah tell muslims follow the quran and sunnah or the quran and ahlulbayt the practise of shia islam from sunni books the shia perspective on historical events. The epic story of the shia sunni split in islam pdf, lesley hazleton. Sunnishia distribution map write one generalization about the information the map is providing. Shia islam holds that ali ibn abi talib was the appointed successor to the islamic prophet muhammad as head of the community. A resource for high school educators lesson plan 2. Why did shia and sunni split after the prophet mohammeds. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about the history of the sunnis and shias like never before, in. Recent turmoil in the middle east and asia centers on conflicts between the two major sects of islam, shiite and sunni. The rift between the sunnis and shiites is over 1,300 years old. Mohammed bin salman apoffice of the iranian supreme leadergettymark wilson why the myth of sunnishia conflict defines middle east policy and why it shouldnt is. Islams sunni shia split zwemer center for muslim studies. The succession to muhammad is the central issue that split the muslim community into several divisions in the first century of islamic history, the most prominent among these sects being the shia and sunni branches of islam.

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