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The purpose of the book is to explore several aspects of the history of medicine and social conditions in pre confederation nova scotia with special emphasis on the impact which pestilent diseases had on both. Canada has abandoned the history of the country of nova scotia in their text books and replaced it with beavers and wilderness for ottawa. However, this was mainly because confederation delivered the intercolonial railway to the maritimes, and because of the efforts of sir charles tupper. Specific resources for teaching canadian history the. This is one of three major histories that have been written. We enjoy reading books set in our next vacation locale as we plan our trip. Nova scotia is almost entirely surrounded by the sea. A history, 3e to create an effective, personalized textbook that is. Get the best deal for canadian preconfederation coins from the largest online selection at. Nova scotia s industry was distinctively divided between the metal and coal industries of cape breton, and the textile mills and sugar refineries in the western part of the. This section presents different colonial and pre confederation tokens of canada. By the time that nova scotia became a province of the dominion of canada in 1867, its multicultural peoples, including mikmaq, acadian, african, and british, had come to a grudging, unequal, and often contested accommodation among themselves. He made for himself an international reputation through his fictional character, sam slick.

Nova scotia time line chronological timetable of events. Just after confederation the average age at marriage for men was 29. Walter christ church, dartmouth, nova scotia, 1817 to 1959 dartmouth. History of nova scotia volume 2 allison, david, tuck, clyde edwin on. While there is some debate over where he landed, it is most widely. The population included people of british, irish, scottish, german, mikmaq and acadian descent. A history of medicine and social conditions in nova scotia, 18001867 dr. Before 1867 nova scotia was a totally separate country from the rest of canada and the united states of america and had its own currency. Archaic indians are believed to have been present in the area between 1,000 and 5,000 years ago.

Written by two wellknown historians, this text presents a detailed chronological account of canadian history from the countrys earliest beginnings as a wilderness frontier to its emergence as an independent nation. This is one of three major histories that have been written on nova scotia. Compiling and keeping passenger lists was haphazard until responsibility was taken over by the government of canada after confederation in 1867. The study of history includes multiple perspectives and interpretations.

The book of negroes by lawrence hill, the birth house by ami mckay, fall on your knees by annmarie macdonald, no great mis. Books like this truly help you to understand the history of the county. At first there was an impromptu quality to much of the conflict that was determined by the size of settlements. Nova scotia would have been the leading third in the proposed maritime union with new brunswick and prince edward island. President of the nova scotia historical society 191718. Pages in category preconfederation nova scotia the following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total. At the end of the summer of 1864, delegates from nova scotia, new brunswick and prince edward island gathered in charlottetown to discuss the possible union of the maritime colonies.

For local customers, please phone or email us before coming in to view items listed here, as much. In nova scotia there was little solidarity on the topic of confederation. New brunswick dominated by forest industries and shipbuilding was, on a per capita basis up until 1871, only a little less industrialized than ontario and quebec. Recommend a new model for contemporary confederation that is more inclusive and reflective of canada today. Through thousands of years of independent mikmaq rule, and then european settlement beginning in the early 1600s, the people of the area had always had a strong sense of independence. Nova scotia has participated in many historical events here is the history of nova scotia. Learn more about nova scotias history, government, and points of interest in this article. Coins and canada colonial and preconfederation tokens. Nova scotia the path to confederation colony summary nova scotia basic statistics population. Nova scotia history timeline 1400s 1600s 1497 explorer, john cabot, explored presentday cape breton island 1604 french established first capital for acadia colony at port royal 1607 french abandoned port royal 1621 english named acadia nova scotia 1629 scottish settlers arrived at port royal 1632 quebec, nova scotia returned to france in treaty of saintgermainenlaye. The 1960s gives a largely uniform interpretation of the origin and character. It joined new brunswick, ontario and quebec in confederation on 1 july 1867. New england planters arrive to claim land in nova scotia, canada taken from the acadians.

Nova scotia archives historical maps of nova scotia. The first volume, with index, deals with the history of acadia 16051755. The land that was here before nova scotia came into existence was a. Pros and cons of nova scotia joining confederation. In known history, the oldest known residents of the province are the mikmaq people. Johns island what is now prince edward island became part of nova scotia. Oct 25, 2008 pros and cons of nova scotia joining confederation. The nova scotia museum publishes scholarly books on the natural history and material culture of nova scotia. Nova scotia, new brunswick, and the pre confederation province of canada were joined together to create canada on july 1, 1867. The ability of the proposed federal government to establish tariffs and run the fisheries was a. One of the first established areas in canada, nova scotia has a diverse history of aboriginal, celtic, acadian, and african cultures that dates back hundreds of years and, in the case of the mikmaw, thousands of years. When the charlottetown conference took place, there was a circus in town so, the province of canada ontario and quebec held a circus party to bribe the maritime union newfoudland, nova scotia, prince edward island, and new brunswich to join the confederation, in the course of 9 days september 19, 1864 the maritime agreed to join the. The 1851 census of canada is a collection of the censuses of canada east, canada west, new brunswick and nova scotia. A history of canadian preconfederation timeline timetoast.

From 18001850 editions from 18511899 preconfederation canadiana. The maritimes and canada before confederation 1934 online. In addition to writing, he has edited a number of books with donald b. The colonial histor y o f nova sco tia includes the presentday canadian maritime provinces and northern maine see sunbury co unty, nova scotia, all of which were at one tim e part of no va scotia. Readings in preconfederation canadian history, vol. Pre confederation of nova scotia by michelle antonacci on. Since canada didnt officially become a country until 1867, the first national census wasnt held until 1871. It was ruled as a british colony until it became a founding member of the dominion of. The japanese canadian history website is a companion to resource books developed with a networks grant from the bc ministry of education on the internment of japanese canadians from 1942 to 1949 and the attainment of redress in 1988.

An invaluable record of the past, and an inspiration for the future, historic black nova scotia is a major contribution to the cultural history of nova scotia. At the oceans edge a history of nova scotia to confederation. Which were the first four provinces in confederation in. Nova scotians between the war of 1812 and confederation, to discover. Hey, i am doing a project for history class and my teacher chose nova scotia. Nova scotia was, of course, one of the original parties to the federal union. At the same time, the pre confederation province of canada was. History involves the events of the past and the implications that different interpretations of these events have on the present and the future. Nova scotia was one of the four founding provinces of the canadian confederation in 1867. Providing coasttocoast representation and featuring a diverse range of social groups, the editors offer a refreshing look at the major events leading up to and including confederation.

The province includes cape breton, a large island northeast of the mainland. In these two volumes, which replace the readers guide to canadian history, experts provide a select and critical guide to historial writing about pre and post confederation canada, with an emphasis on the most recent scholarship. John grenier examines the conflict of cultures and peoples in the colonial northeast through the lens of military history as he tells how britons and yankees waged a tremendously efficient counterinsurgency that ultimately crushed. Nova scotia s viewpoint within confederation as mr. Nova scotia confederation by sabrina price on prezi. How to be productive at home from a remote work veteran. John doull, bookseller, dartmouth, nova scotia books. Anne of the island, the book of negroes, fall on your knees, the birth house, a curve in the road, hansel and grete. The field of canadian history has changed and expanded greatly in the last ten years. From 1755 to 1763, approximately ten thousand acadians were deported and had their lands seized by immigrants from new england. The colonial history of nova scotia includes the presentday canadian maritime provinces and northern maine see sunbury county, nova scotia, all of which were at one time part of nova scotia. In 1851 it was about 26 years in the province of canada and 10 years later it was closer to 27 and 28. Donald whytes volumes of a dictionary of scottish emigrants to canada before confederation pre 1867 are a major contribution to the documentation of canadian immigration before 1867. As an american citizen, good history books a hard to find in the states on canadian history.

Macdonald saw it in 1938 a quote and the speakers response to it. The guides, therefore, provide quick and easy access to essential material in. The sea affects almost every aspect of nova scotia, from the climate and economy to recreation. The name nova scotia is latin for new scotland, reflecting the origins of some of the early settlers. Nova scotia s traditional reservations about confederation, with some background.

Jan 22, 2019 nova scotia is canadas secondsmallest province following prince edward island and is located on the southeastern coast of the country. Nova scotia is a canadian province located in canadas maritimes. In these two volumes, which replace the readers guide to canadian history, experts provide a select and critical guide to historial writing about pre and postconfederation canada, with an emphasis on the most recent scholarship. The links below will guide you to the description and characteristics of these types of tokens and see various errors, varieties and values. From the outset, however, there were political and economic leaders in the colony who had qualms. A few acres of snow allows readers to experience early canadian history in the words of those who first explored, created, and documented the nation.

Petition of the inhabitants of nova scotia, to the commons of great britain and ireland in parliament assembled, august 16, 1866 further readings sources other titles. Origins canadian history to confederation pdf download. The story unfolds from a power and politics perspective and picks up the themes of social and economic history. The first portion of the book contains a history of the county of antigonish before 1929, including information about settlement and those acadians, english, french, irish, scottish, and united empire loyalists who first called antigonish their home.

Nova scotia was one of the four founding provinces of canada. Many are now available online through the nova scotia museum publishing catalogue. Based on a lifetime of research, this fully illustrated volume features nova scotia s most important black communities as well as indepth profiles of black pioneers in every field. Ungraded canadian preconfederation coins for sale ebay. Pre confederation of nova scotia by michelle antonacci on prezi. This area of the website now offers the primary access point for exploring a variety of historical maps, charts and plans digitized from collections held at the nova scotia archives. Johns island what is now prince edward island b ecame part of nova scotia. It was completely unexpected, not at all prepackaged, a genuine north end. In his later years he spent most of his time on literature. The project is a newspaper with 5 articles and one of them is an editors view of confederation.

The scottish pioneers of nova scotia and cape breton, 1773 1852. Paleoindians camped at locations in presentday nova scotia approximately 11,000 years ago. I find it is a easy read and the chapters are layed out well making it a breeze to follow. In 1848, nova scotia was the first colony british north america well in the british empire for that matter to achieve responsible government. My favorites are historical novels, but all suggestions are welcome. Hill provide a comprehensive catalogue of nova scotias flora.

Could any of you please suggest some novels or biographies with a nova scotia setting. At the oceans edge offers a vibrant account of nova scotias colonial history, situating it in an early and dramatic chapter in the expansion of. Nova scotia also known as mikmaki and acadia is a canadian province located in canadas maritimes. Please search or browse our inventory of hardtofind, outofprint, used, and rare books. Mikmaq, the first nations of the province and region, may be their direct descendants early european explorations. The far reaches of empire chronicles the half century of angloamerican efforts to establish dominion in nova scotia, an important french foothold in the new world. Which were the first four provinces in confederation in 1867. Its an online resource that will grow over time, but for now you can choose from the following products.

His government passed approval for confederation in the colonial legislature despite popular opposition. Learn more about nova scotia s history, government, and points of interest in this article. The scottish pioneers of nova scotia and cape breton, 17731852. Fishing industry and merchant ships transporting goods. This is the second of a threevolume series that discusses, in great depth, the history of nova scotia, including its history as acadie, the first visit of frenchman demonts, the provinces early fishing and trading economy and much more. In 1848, nova scotia became the first colony in british north america bna. Which provinces joined the confederation in canada as full.

At the oceans edge offers a vibrant account of nova scotia s colonial history, situating it in an early and dramatic chapter in the expansion of europe. Resources nova scotia, canada history and genealogy books. Postconfederation, 7th editions nelson thomson learning, 2006 he has published numerous articles in canadian intellectual and western canadian history. Upon confederation, the old province of canada was divided into ontario and quebec. The bulk of the book contains genealogical information about the early families of this important nova scotia county. It is the countrys second mostdensely populated province and secondsmallest province by area, both after neighbouring prince. Nova scotia and confederation the canadian encyclopedia. Pre confederation by john douglas belshaw is licensed under. After canadian confederation in 1867 nova scotia joined canada, however still remained its own country up until as late as the 1930s. When in fact, the country of nova scotia has a rich shared history with the united states of america and actually resembled the thirteen american colonies and the early united states of america before joining canadian confederation.

Atlantic provinces history, canadian history, books. Musical life in preconfederation nova scotia, 18151867 michelle elizabeth boyd doctor of philosophy graduate department of music university of toronto 2011 the years 1815 to 1867 marked the first protracted period of peace in nova scotia. A selected list of nova scotia genealogy and history books for a list of nova scotia used and rare bookstores, click here to purchase gans genealogical association of nova scotia publications, click here history of nova scotia. During the first 150 years of european settlement, the region was claimed by france and a colony formed, primarily made up of catholic acadians and mikmaq. The guides, therefore, provide quick and easy access to essential material in any subject area for students or for readers seeking direction for broadening their understanding of. The saga of the scots who found a home away from home in nova. This book not only brings nova scotia s struggles into sharp focus but also unpacks the intellectual and social values that took root in the region. Nova scotia was contested territory between the french and british and the indians from 1500 down to 1763. It wasnt an hour off the digby ferry which sails twice a day from saint john, new brunswick, to digby, nova scotia that we realized these two maritime provinces on either side of the bay of fundy are very distinct. A history of the county of antigonish, nova scotia pre.

Economic considerations alone not enough to bind canada together. Nova scotia before the time of the confederation debates was a prosperous colony of approximately 350,000 people, spread around the coastline and throughout the annapolis valley. Nova scotia s past may have been glorious, but there is precious little evidence of it from the study of its economic history. If you want to read a very good book of nova scotia s history, this is an excellent book to start with. Between 1450 and 1850, various processes sometimes violent, often judicial, rarely conclusive transferred power first from indigenous societies to the french and british empires, and then to european settlers and their descendants. I will be talking about population, largest city, the languages, how they live, mix of populations the different places the people originated from, michelle will have a bit more detail on this topic pre confederation nova scotia economy economy, transportation and trade.

What dominates the surviving evidence is a record full of personal tragedy, blunders, miscalculations, injustices, disappointments, setbacks, losses, public fiascos, accommodation to difficult or straightened circumstances, and quiet, private desperation. New brunswick, nova scotia and canada which broke up into ontario and quebec. During the american civil war, the british empire including nova scotia was declared neutral in the struggle between the north and the south. In the early eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the warfare highly influenced the mikmaq, who had lived in nova scotia for centuries. Nova scotia history, atlantic provinces history, books. Nova scotia, history encyclopedia article citizendium. The acadians were settlers from france who first set down roots in nova scotia, new brunswick, prince edward island, and maine during the late sixteenth century. Volume 1, pre confederation peninsular immigrants from manuscript sources. Nov 28, 2017 nova scotia offers its own brand of history, cuisine, natural beauty, and recreation. Also known as ships manifests or seaport records of entry, passenger lists are often sought when researching an ancestors immigration to nova scotia.

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