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All high school wrestlers must have their body composition tested. In april, 2019 the kansas state high school athletic association, kshsaa, approved an amendment to rule 44 of the kshsaa handbook. I am a level 3 khsaa kentucky high school athletic association wrestling referee. The mshsaa promotes the value of participation, sportsmanship, team play, and personal excellence to develop citizens who make positive contributions to their community and support the democratic principles of our state and nation. Each wrestler must be within 3 pounds of the weight class in which he will compete in order to eliminate for that weight class. All other types of leaving the wrestling area as a means of avoiding wrestling would fall under the rule of stalling.

Wrestling 201920 wrestling manual kansas state high school. The nfoa membership with insurance coverage is included in your fee. High school students are eligible to obtain a license and officiate subvarsity and junior high contests as of the 201920 school year. Nfhs releases beyond the scoreboard, second video resource for adult fan behavior at events. In accordance with rule 15 of the national federation wrestling rules book. When a topic is included in the points of emphasis, these topics. Page 59 201617 nfhs wrestling rules 201617 points of emphasis. A south dakota nonpro t organization article i purposes and aims 1. State tournament wrestling pairings utah high school. Ben is a senior and his three best friendswrestling at, 5, and 140, respectivelystand squarely in the way of his wrestling dreams. All singlets must be turned in at the end of the season or you will be charged by the school. Each school shall be allowed to enter as many as two wrestlers in each weight class.

Understanding the rules and moves of wrestling can help you enjoy watching the sport, and help you make a decision about whether or not to participate or have your child participate. The change to rule 44, allowed a structure for girls wrestling in. Ben is a senior and his three best friends wrestling at, 5, and 140, respectivelystand squarely in the way of his wrestling dreams. Participation in high school athletics does not have to end with high school graduation. Following an amendment to the legal uniform laid out in. Bad time was clarified to include the situations where the wrong wrestler was given choice of. All references to illustrations are referring to the illustrations in the 2018 2019. Revenue and approved expenses of both tournaments shall be shared equally by all regions. Rule change weighin procedure all studentathletes will weighin wearing a school issued wrestling uniform that meets wiaa and nfhs requirements excluding headgear and footwear.

The weight management program will be as stated in rule 1, section 5 of the nfhs wrestling rule book. Inspiring individuals, encouraging excellence through education based athletics. The electronic mshsl wrestling weight certification form must be completed and submitted online to the mshsl office prior to the first competition or no later than december 10th. The wrestling area shall be marked on the mat by painted lines, 2 inches wide, which are inbounds. Five matches is the maximum amount that a student may compete on any given day, exclusive of miaa sponsored tournaments see 84. Sportsmanshiptogether we make the right call zero tolerance regarding profanityinappropriate language. More communication opportunities for high school soccer coaches with players. During competition all wrestlers shall be clean shaven, with. In a qualifying tournament all wrestlers entered must have duly qualified for the qualifying tournament. It is not within the rules, for example, to have 7 or more players present but only four on the field at the same time.

It shall provide a means for state high school associations to cooperate in order to enhance and protect their interscholastic programs. Mhsa sanctioned one class of wrestling in 1956 for all competing schools. The national federation of state high school associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. The state of high school wrestling the nfhs wrestling rules committee is very concerned about the participation decline in high school wrestling. These concerns are identified as points of emphasis. In 1958 aa and abc champions were named and finally three classes were arranged with aa, a and bc continuing to the present. The coachathlete contact rules in bylaw 208 apply to wrestling coaches no matter what style of wrestling they are coaching. New york wrestles with what to do with the pound weight class. State high school associations membership 50member state associations and d. Official bylaws for wrestling minnesota state high.

In addition, the number of female wrestlers increased by almost 5,000 participants in 201819, as 21,124 girls competed in 2,890 schools. More high school sports morning call 201920 all area wrestling. Ihsaa indiana high school athletic associtation, inc. High school wrestling rules illustrations updated november 20. The blue book is a supplement to the nfhs rules book, case book and manual, and all other mhsaa approved printed materials and interpretations. These rules apply to the type of wrestling done in the united states in college, high school, junior high, middle school, and most youth wrestling. All wrestlers must be on time for school the day of a match and the day after a match unless you have school approval or an appropriate excuse. In accordance with rule 15 of the national federation wrestling rules book, the mshsaa board of directors and wrestling advisory committee have established a weight control program for the purpose of discouraging severe weight reduction andor. Illegal equipment violations revised in high school soccer. According to the 201819 nfhs high school athletics participation survey, wrestling is the seventhmost popular sport for boys with 247,441 participants in 10,843 schools. A copy has been sent to all registered officials and the. To maintain order and standards set up by the national high school rodeo association among members at their functions. Even if you have been away from the game for a while, you can get back in the game by becoming a licensed official in any of the 20 sports sanctioned by the indiana high school athletic association.

Aia sports at all levels are cancelled for the remainder of the school year. This authorization applies to rule 10 and rule 11 only. We thank the ohio high school athletic association and the following michigan wrestling officials associations for the invaluable contributions and assistance in the production to the. Unified wrestling rules changes view ebooks view print books more nfhs courses. According to the 201 81 9 nfhs high school athletic s participation survey, wrestling is the seventhmost popular sport for boys with 247, 441 participants in 10, 843 schools.

National federation of high school association nfhs. Indiana high school athletic association wrestling. The weight management weighin used for the descent plan will also require the wrestlers to weighin with a. We attend wrestling camp every year on july 1518 at asu, and practice the week before. Hit by pitch procedure revised in high school softball. Warnings and penalties for stalling are cumulative throughout the match and are penalized independent of the. Eric russo green ankle band, wrestler, fauquier high school ms. High school wrestling rules part 1 introduction to wrestling for beginners new to the sport. High school track and fieldcross country rules changes include assisting injured competitor. Team duals may use brackets, pools or a combination of both. This presentation is intended for officials, coaches and fans as a tool to better view the illustrations found in the rules book. The official manual for high school wrestling with information concerning wrestling regulations and management of matches and tournaments. Ihsaa wrestling indiana high school athletic association. Ohio high school athletic association 4080 roselea place, columbus oh 43214 fax.

The nchsaa doesnt allow ftf singlets to be worn in the offseason, unless its an ftf event. In a pinning situation when all parts of a defensive wrestler shoulders. Ohsaa wrestling ohio high school athletic association. In wrestling you will want to flip your hips from a pointing down to the mat to pointing up to the ceiling and vice versa. If you roll over you will be moving laterally in relation to your opponent and will probably get out of a good offensivedefensive position in doing so. Surrounding and secured to the wrestling area of the mat shall be a safety mat area approximately 5 feet wide.

Official bylaws for wrestling minnesota state high school. Nfhs reaches more than 19,000 high schools and 12 million participants in high school activity programs, including more than 7. Kshsaa wrestling manual 3 kansas state high school activities association wrestling manual foreword the purpose of the wrestling manual is to provide general information for the administration of the kshsaa wrestling program as well as the regional and state tournaments. For the 201617 high school wrestling season, attention is being called to. Wrestling rules changes 201920 by nfhs on september 10, 2019 wrestling. These rule changes are some of the most prolific modifications in the history of high school wrestling, said elliot hopkins, nfhs director of sports and student services and liaison to the wrestling rules committee. Failure to submit the form prior to the first contest or december 10th, if you do not have a competition. Clarity provided to outofbounds calls in high school wrestling.

Ohsaa adds two paraswimming events to district tournaments. Official exams and rules meeting requirements all officials must score 75 percent or higher on an online openbook exam in the sports for which they intend to officiate. High school wrestling rules changes approved for 201415. The new york state public high school athletic association inc. Republication of all or any portion of this rules book on the internet is expressly. Federation wrestling rule book with them for all playoff contests. Sep 10, 2019 4 clarified how wrestling shoelaces shall be secured in an acceptable fashion. Mnusaw follows the folkstyle rules as described in the nfhs wrestling rules book with the following mnusa rule modifications. Wrestling 201920 wrestling manual kansas state high. Published by the national federation of state high school. The state tournaments were held at separate sites until 1988 when the all class wrestling tournament was initiated at metrapark in billings with wrestling occurring on twelve mats. Washburn rural high school makes history with all girl.

Some photosillustrations are from the national federation of high school association nfhs officiating wrestling methods course as part of the nfhs officials education program with the american sport. Indianapolis, in april 28, 2020 as the result of a concerted effort to accommodate the growing number of female wrestlers, the 202021 high school wrestling rules changes are headlined by. The state tournaments were held at separate sites until 1988 when the all class wrestling tournament was initiated at metrapark in billings with. There isnt much of that to go around in sturbridge. The illustrations do not cover every situation, but they are common situations that referees should recognize. Membership is open to secondary schools providing interschool athletic activities for boys and girls in grades. If you are looking to become a better high school wrestling official. Illinois wrestler inspires others in comeback from injury. According to the 201718 nfhs high school athletics participation survey, wrestling is the seventhmost popular sport for boys with 245,564 participants in 10,775 schools. The michigan high school athletic association and our various officiating associations have adopted mechanics and accepted procedures that all michigan wrestling referees must follow to address the concern of safe. The wrestling area of the mat shall be a circular area with a minimum of 28 feet in diameter. This is an authoritative guide to the best in wrestling officiating and will assist all officials in maintaining their. High school wrestling rules part 1 introduction to.

The rules for freestyle and grecoroman wrestling, as is done in the olympics and internationally, are a little different. This is to clarify that during the school year, if a school coach is providing coaching during a nonschool 7 on 7, there shall be no more than four students grades 712 of that coach s school district involved in any way at that event. Wrestling new york state public high school athletic. Despite wrestling s use of physical force, the sports rules and conventions keep it surprisingly safe and injuryfree. Pool pairing maybe used in team dual competitions in all styles of wrestling. High school associations 201920 nfhs wrestling rules powerpoint rules changes points of emphasis. Sheri bazemore for the use of her photography equipment sources. Ohsaa basketball and wrestling state tournament tickets go on sale friday.

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