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Futaba,futaba, page 1,himodel rc hobby supplier, exporter and wholesaler. The ciu2 device driver is available at the download corner of your futaba impoters home page. Futaba transmitters especially the ff99c series, trainer switch is. It was designed with the fpvuav pilot in mind, the only such system with a dedicated headtracker. This module is only compatible for sfhss system receivers. The quanum head tracker is the perfect accessory for the quanum diy v1 and v2 goggles or any other model goggles or fpv setup. How to build a cable to wire futaba t9z and fatshark attitude sd goggle. Futaba 8fg and boscam head tracking fpv, setup youtube. The head tracker for this step is the dt3k from the direct link is here. The new futaba 10c radio offers unprecedented flexibility and value for rc pilots everywhere, with prolevel performance at a very affordable price. Futaba 9cap instruction manual pdf download manualslib. It is a large dslr 3 axis gimbal and i am controlling it with my dragonlink v3 system, using my 9xr and futaba 10j both plugged into the dragonlink. If you have questions about these updated directions, please consult your instruction manual or for further details.

This update allow the t18sz 70th anniversary model memories to be used on a t18sz, t16sz or a fx36. There is an included optional remote center button for tx mounting and convenience. The ergonomically designed case features a builtin carrying handle and an antenna that can be removed for safekeeping. This is an oem module of our original dt3k headtracker and a cheap and useful option for the modifiers. Transform current flight systems for fasst results. Futaba feels something special for 2 channel radio. Head tracking for fpv futaba 8fg setup head tracking with boscam goggles boscam goggles 5. Best analog equipment around wish futaba would bring them back into production. Fatshark attitude sd head tracker with futaba t9z youtube. Virtual realtime largescreen display and a front lens. I hear lots of people say that a futaba 9c is the best thing for fpv.

Oem dt3k hybrid headtracker for all ppm transmitters flytron. For my setup, i have the wire of the head tracker facing forward. View and download futaba 9cap instruction manual online. After you download it, youll need to change the file extension from. Pilots with an 18mz will have even more to like about their system, courtesy of a free software download from futaba. It was designed with the fpvuav pilot in mind, the only such system with a dedicated head tracker. Please be sure to regularly visit the 9c frequently asked questions web site at.

Thank you for purchasing a futaba 9c super series digital proportional rc. Futaba 9cap rc radio setup and mods for fpv youtube. I dont care how the other one does it, i need to know how this one does it. Refer to the original manual where applicable but replace the steps indicated below with.

When she is describing the 9c, she compares it to other futaba transmitters and how they do it. Futaba compatibility of hitec modules and legality of use therein. The 7c sits squarely in the middle ground in computer systems. Enter trainer menu and assign desired head tracking channels to func must be set on func. With simple plugin module installationno transmitter modifications are needed. This small bluetooth device latches on to your headphones and tracks your head movements in order to augment the immersive spatial audio experience. Buy 7 8 inch fpv monitor glass fiber mount holder display mounting bracket for transmitter, sale ends soon. Futaba 9c super series manual you have reached ftp. She wrote most of the original manual so its expected if you cant read the original manual, well, see, its the same stuff. Technically, it is illegal to change the crystals without having the module retuned by a licensed technician. This is the airplane version which will default to airplane settings when powered up and has a ratcheted throttle stick. This page includes extensive programming, use, set up and safety information on the 9c radio system and is updated regularly. Futaba allows all eight channels to be used, so it was a natural fit. This page includes extensive programming, use, set up and safety information on the 9c super radio system and is updated regularly.

Xgy head tracker servomechanism transmitter scribd. Many parts qualify for parts saver tm reduced shipping. Remote zero switch futaba 9xr 9xrpro trainer poort kabel. The ezuhf rc control system is a reliable rc control uplink for fpv and uav pilots who desire a robust control system for safe control at longer distances. This offering is an evolution of futabaas very popular 9c9c super series, with many updates and a seamless transition that will be greatly appreciated by longtime futaba pilots. Futaba 9 chp super instruction manual pdf download.

The 10c is designed primarily for intermediate and advanced. The kit comes not only with the 3 axis tracker, but cables for futaba 9xr9xrpro and jr style 3. Please read the instructions carefully or contact the ripmax futaba service department on 020 8282 7500 for more help. Sep 23, 2012 head tracking for fpv futaba 8fg setup head tracking with boscam goggles boscam goggles 5. The next two parts are to determine the proper direction of movement for the pantilt. Radios can be purchased for less money, but are sometimes outgrown quickly. Along with some fixes to past features they have added a telemetry logging feature and some added sbus programming features like stalled servo detection. The allinone video goggle receiver with a builtin video and audio receiver. I have a large ap rig and i want to make it a little cooler by adding head tracking to the 3 axis gimbal that im currently using.

The 9c s many functions and model memories, ease of programming and quality of manufacture will keep the average radio control pilot happy for many years. I must say, that it was a snap to use and set up, as i already have the futaba 9cap radio and this plugin just like a module. Be sure to follow your models instructions for preflight checks, blade tracking, etc. Futaba head tracker cable ps2 futaba for fatshark, 3foot this 3foot 1meter long cable is used to connect the fatshark goggle head tracking module to a compatible rc transmitter that has a square shaped futaba type trainer jack. Any technical updates and us manual corrections will be available on this web page. Apr, 20 futaba 9cap rc radio setup and mods for fpv. This little black box with an antenna sticking out provides a simple way to enjoy all transmitterready txr airplanes as well as those equipped with a 2. Im adding head tracking here because the site was having issues with me adding steps so here is the section on head tracking. So far maybe 68 weeks flying four planes without a glitch or problem of any kind. Works with splash drone pro and auto and many other brands. The module in your 9c is tuned to the frequency of the factory installed crystals. Remote zero switch futaba9xr9xrpro trainer port cable. Futaba s fasst futaba advanced spread spectrum technology transmits a large amount of information to the receiver at extremely fast speed.

Please feel free to contact the futaba service center for assistance in operation, use and programming. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Its a system that offers much of the 9cs setup versatility matched to 4channel ease of use. All the instructions are for the futaba 9c that is a part of this instructable. If you have a different radio, be sure to consult the manual for the head tracker for your particular setup. The 9c is compatible with the r309dps futaba synthesized receiver that can be used on any 72mhz channel. Autonomous rc tonka truck with head tracking for fpv tonka. I understand why, its module based so you can put in an frsky module or lowfrequency system, etc. We connected the anylink to a futaba 8fg transmitter.

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